The combination of more than 60 years of German rolling mill technology with more than half a century of experience in designing and manufacturing of metallurgy equipment, accumulated machinery, electronics, control technology and manufacturing technology --- THIS makes KOHE's unique advantage in metallurgical technology.

Our experience goes back to the time when Mr Hoestemberghe and Mr Klütsch established their company in 1953. Our staffs include engineers from Germany, France, Poland, etc, such as members of the former German rolling mill provider SKET SCHWERMASCHINENBAU GmbH.

In the field of hot rolled steel technology, finishing technology, it possesses many of the world's leading technology, especially for high speed rail, heavy rail, section and special section, sheet pile, complete sets of rolling and finishing technology; as well as in bar rolling and finishing technology. Meanwhile the capacities of “tailor made” technical solution and revamping technology have always been praised by customers.

Service ranges from feasibility and implementation studies through planning, construction, manufacturing and assembly of individual components of group of components, to modernisation and automation of complete plants.

The exceptional strength of our Rolling Mill Technology is the combination of rolling mill technology with electrical engineering, instrumentation technology and structural engineering under one roof. Combine expertise for the smooth integration of mechanical and electro-technical components.

Simulation design of digital equipment and digital factory; the industrial Internet platform combines equipment networking acquisition, visual recognition, equipment off-line programming, AI intelligent analysis and other technologies to collect and analyze the equipment operation and production data in real time, as well as the monitoring and analysis of equipment production status, product quality and control capacity balance, and optimize the production process for customers through big data analysis and modeling to support decision analysis.

Core intelligent equipment + intelligent service, manage the whole life cycle of equipment, provide customers with value-added services and realize value extension.